NISHIO Chihiro

西尾 千尋


1979年生まれ 東京在住
東京藝術大学音楽環境創造科卒業 / 東京大学大学院 学際情報学府博士課程在籍
2009〜2012 東京藝術大学音楽環境創造科教育研究助手



Chihiro NISHIO is an artist who works in mixed media, such as performances, videos, drawings, etc. As well as an artist, she is a researcher of human action and movements based on psychology. Our daily life is filled with habits; waking up everymorning, going to work, eating lunch, talking with friends, going back home and going to bed. However at the same time, nothing is exactly the same as the day before. In a certain level it looks same but if we see it closely, changes are nested into the larger scale sameness. Her task as an artist is finding ways to renew our life by setting a task to change our behavior. Babys and older people face this kind of change because their physical condition is more unstable than young adults. Now She is studying baby's development of locomotion and action to understand how they find a new task through exploring the environements. So far, she has exhibited many installations simultaneously showing the process of making them. Recently she works in some local art projects and makes site relational works.